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Blocks Online offer a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of web-based block management software with built-in best practice to support Residential Managing Agents and Property Management Companies.
We are ‘Association of Residential Managing Agents’ (ARMA) Partners. As the leading trade association for residential managing agents in England & Wales our solution has been designed to support the high standards of leasehold management and professionalism that ARMA promotes. 
Through our block management software, Managing Agents and Property Management Companies can issue service charges, ground rent demands, record leaseholder funds and track expenditure on supplier invoices. All financial information is available for review through a single and secure website and the comprehensive suite of reports provides financial and property management information, which is beneficial for all Managing Agents and Property Management to keep on top of their blocks.
Functionality to support works management and the raising of maintenance tickets, the tracking of insurance and health & safety and credit control functions are all available through the integrated package.
Property Unit holders are able to access information about their account through the dedicated online portal and also receive real-time updates on the status of maintenance work, either via the portal or email. The block management software that we provide is a time-saving way to ensure that the management of blocks runs as seamlessly as possible.
Why Use Blocks Online?
Easy Setup
You don’t need to pay for consultants or technical experts to get you up-and-running; simply sign-up and start to enter information about your properties … Within 48 hours you can be ready to go.
User Friendly
The Blocks Online system has been intuitively designed, there is no need for expensive training courses, simply sign-up for the service and off you go.
Access Anywhere
Since our software is in the cloud you can access it wherever you have an internet connection. So if you are a managing agent with multiple branches, as long as they have internet connections, they can all access the software.
Full Backup
There is no need for you to worry about all of your critical business data. Blocks Online ensures that all of your data is fully backed-up to the cloud everyday …. so you don’t have to pay for lots of expensive technical equipment. And should a catastrophe happen to your office, you know that all of your data is safe.
Many of our competitors will make a charge when their software is upgraded or encourage you to pay extra for the ‘new version’. At Blocks Online, all clients share a single code-set, which means that whenever new software is produced all clients start to use it, just like they do at Amazon or eBay.
Flexible Payments
With Blocks Online, there are no large up-front costs – You don’t have to pay for an expensive  licence or lots of new technical kit. You can pay on a month-by-month basis and you only pay for the service that you use.

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