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What they say about themselves:

TemplePM are national property management recruitment specialists. With long-established client/candidate relationships and a passion for all aspects of Property Management, TemplePM is excellently positioned to provide a first-class niche recruitment service, with a transparent and professional approach.

We have a solid understanding of the property management industry, with experience of dealing with property management clients and candidates alike, and understand their business and career requirements. We offer a tailored and timely service to all, with no ‘hard sell’ involved – our service sells itself.

Tailoring recruitment for the property management industry is our passion. With a long-established client/candidate relationship record, and a passion for all aspects of property management, TemplePM is excellently positioned to provide a first-class niche recruitment service, with a transparent and professional approach.

If you’re looking for a new position or need one filled, get in touch.

Company history and information

TemplePM was started two years ago by Steve Grimsley, and works independently to source block management candidates for a wide range of companies, from small to large. It has no regional focus and offers its service nationwide.

The company works with both new and existing clients, trying to fill the roles they have. TemplePM also helps block managers who are looking to progress and move on in the property management sector, and find new ventures.

Recruitment range:

TemplePM can source block management candidates for all companies, from small to large.


HML Andertons, Salter Rex, Watson Property Management, Curry & Partners, and many more

Key individuals:

Steve Grimsley, Owner, TemplePM

Industry experience: Five years, following two years spent working as a general recruitment consultant. Set up TemplePM, which has now been running independently for two years, specialising in property and block management.

Interests: Lots of sports. Recently joined an American Football team to stay busy over the summer months. Also loves spending time with his family.

In his own words: “In property management, you need to know what you’re talking about. It’s important to match the right candidates up too – there’s no point trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, while if a company takes on the wrong person, that’s not great for them either. There’s a skills shortage in the property management industry because the skills you need as a block manager are so unique.”

Sarah Johnstone, Property Recruitment Consultant

Employment history: Press, marketing and sponsorship for British Show jumping, British Equestrian Foundation, Horse of the Year Show

In her own words: “I’m relatively new to this company, and to recruitment itself. I worked in the equestrian industry for a few years, which was fun, but there was no career progression. I was looking for something else when Steve approached me, and asked if I would consider a role in recruiting block managers. I considered this for a few weeks as it was such a change, but decided it was worth the risk for a new challenge. I am a people person and like to help, so combining this with the recruitment process that I am still learning is a nice mixture and I hope to be here for the foreseeable future.”

What others say about the company

Client Testimonials

Martin Chuter, Head of Estate Management, Trinity Estates

“Trinity Estates has worked with TemplePM for many years, and they have become a key partner, working closely with us across our operations. A significant feature of this successful relationship has been their understanding of the practicalities of our business and their ability to translate this into knowledgeable and experienced candidates.”

Alan Coates – Managing Director, HML Andertons

“Steve runs a well-connected consultancy, understanding my business market and produces excellent results, at a competitive price. He responds well to the pressures applied when there is an urgent need to recruit and works well with his team. Thank you, Steve and team.”

Brett Williams, Partner at Curry & Partners

“TemplePM seem to really understand our business which is demonstrated by the class of candidates they introduce to us”.

Candidate Testimonials

Peter O'Reilly - AIRPM - Senior Property Manager, Salter Rex

“I can confirm that I was extremely happy with the service I received from Steve Grimsley of TemplePM throughout the entire process from start to finish. The initial contact with TemplePM was very professional - they arranged an interview for me and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Even after I started work with my new employer, Steve kept in touch with me to insure that I had settled in and was getting on okay.”

Manoj Patel – Senior Property Manager, Watson Property Management

"I was kept fully informed as to the scope of the job, a synopsis of the company, and what their expectation of the candidate would be.

I was grateful for the input as it gave me a fantastic sounding board towards the preparation of the interview and was delighted when I was selected for the appointment."

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