Knowledge Bank: Birmingham

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9 Apr 19


09:00 to 16:00


The Priory Rooms, Meeting and Conference Centre
40 Bull Street
B4 6AF

We are delighted to be holding our first Knowledge Bank Day in Birmingham. To attend each session individually will cost £50 (plus VAT), however if you choose to attend the full day you will receive a discount of 20% making the cost £80 (plus VAT).

Knowledge Bank - Morning Session
Legal Care for Property Managers – common issues, best practice and how to resolve disputes


09.00 - Registration & refreshments
09:30 - Session Part 1 - commences
10:45 - Break - Tea, coffee, biscuits
11:00 - Session Part 2
12:15 - Session Closes

In this highly interactive knowledge bank, we will be discussing real life examples of various scenarios that can and do arise. Attendees are encouraged to discuss their own experiences and obtain live legal advice on any issues that they are dealing with. If there are any particular cases that attendees would like to discuss in detail then we’re happy to be contacted in advance. Please note that actual parties names and details will of course be treated confidentially and altered for the purpose of any discussion.

Part 1 - Service Charges
With an increased awareness generally of the leasehold industry and many press articles being written on the subject we will discuss the sometimes thorny issues surrounding Service Charges – we will look at;

  • common issues that arise (from all parties to the lease)
  • ways to increase cash flow to developments in need
  • correct procedure and best practice of demanding service charge
  • maintaining relationships

Part 2 - Breaches of lease
The lease is a property managers go to document– we will discuss breaches that arise regularly, the legal position and how to deal with them or resolve them. Topics covered will include;

  • alterations and repair
  • noise nuisance
  • Pets
  • Flooring
  • unauthorised subletting and
  • car parking issues.

LMP Law was created out of a desire to build a firm where customer experience, market leading expertise and a partnership approach to property management is important. Our tailored property manager care programmes support property managers through every step of legal practice and process.  We specialise in resolving disputes, tackling issues, recovering service charge and chasing ground rent arrears to give property managers more time to focus on the day to day running of their buildings. At this event we will specifically focus on common legal issues that we advise property managers on, on a daily basis. Our 3 founders -  Laura Severn, Matthew Wayman and Peter Cornell will be jointly providing this training event so that you have the opportunity of all of their experience and expertise.

Knowledge Bank - Afternoon Session
Everything you always wanted to know about your building surveyor but were afraid to ask!


12:45 - Registration - Lunch
13:15 - Part one of session commences
14:30 - Break
14:45 - Part two of session commences
16:00 - Session ends

In this session, leading building surveyor Julian Davies will explain how he and his colleagues work, and how property managers can best draw on their expertise to get the most out of the relationship.

Property managers have to deal with a wide range of fellow property professionals in the course of their working lives, from contractors to solicitors. But how many can say they truly understand the role of that enigmatic beast, the chartered building surveyor? The truth is that surveyors are many things to many people, and property managers will encounter them taking on a wide range of tasks, from undertaking a simple flat survey for a prospective buyer to managing complex major works projects involving many moving parts. This highly interactive session will give you a full understanding of the role of surveyor and a valuable opportunity to ask questions.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Streamlining the major works process, from s20 to defects liability
  • Exploring the roles of landlord, contract administrator, contractor and managing agent
  • How to keep our mutual client happy
  • Planning ahead and avoiding surprises, through PMPs
  • Ways to retain your surveyor’s expertise throughout the year

Julian Davies, Founder & Managing Director, Earl Kendrick Associates
Julian Davies is founder and owner of Earl Kendrick Associates, four-time winners of News on the Block’s Surveyor of the Year Award.

Earl Kendrick is a dynamic and growing business based on six core values: its people are contemporary, collaborators, leaders, approachable, entrepreneurs and agile. Under Julian’s leadership they have recently expanded by incorporating other businesses and opening new offices in Brighton and Manchester. Julian draws on the success of his own business to act as a thought leader for the industry as a whole, regularly speaking at industry events and contributing to publications. From maintenance reviews to internal and external refurbishments, to drafting guidance rules and even acting as an expert witness, Julian’s own experience underpins his leadership of the EKA team, while his passion for excellence and professionalism drives the business forward. 

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