Knowledge Bank: Insurance reinstatement cost assessments


9 Feb 21


10:00 to 11:00

Our session on Tuesday, 9th February 10:00 - 11:00 will be hosted by industry expert James Paul, Director and Co-Founder of EK RCAs, he will cover the crucial topic of insurance reinstatement cost assessments, why these are important, with a jargon busting and explanatory webinar that will prepare you for everything you may need to handle this periodic necessity for every property manager.

In this webinar he will cover:

What is a Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

- Why are they needed
- Guess the DV

How surveyors undertake an RCA?

- RICS Guidance
- Measuring
- What’s included/excluded

Where do the figures come from?

- EK in-house data
- VAT      
- Case Studies     
- Questions and Answers

James Paul is a chartered building surveyor with experience in the commercial, residential, education and health sectors. He has particular expertise in insurance and reinstatement cost assessments. In 2019 he set up EK Reinstatement Cost Assessment™ Ltd with Julian Davies. This is our dedicated service line devoted entirely to insurance valuations, and calculating Declared Values for buildings insurance purposes. James heads this up as his primary focus at Earl Kendrick with a country-wide national focus.

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