Adiuvo: Covid 19 statement

During the current situation (that seems to be the popular euphemism) Adiuvo, like many of our peers and clients have had to adapt to a new way of thinking & working.  We have received some plaudits for being up and running seemingly early and without issue however, that was not actually the case. As most people know we are based in Southern Ireland and work / socialising restrictions here came into force some 2 weeks prior to the UK. In that time we moved to remote working but with several mishaps and IT problems (you don’t have a Business Continuity Plan until you have actually fully tested it) including one 250 mile round trip to source headset & USB adapters.

What we have learned is we have an amazing team who, without much ado, have come to terms with home working and the lack of communal problem solving only somewhat offset by using Microsoft Teams. We have found work-arounds for most issues and the service has, to date, continued without a drop in integrity.  We notice a similar approach and success for most of the industry’s suppliers and managing agents reflecting impressively on our sector at a time of crisis.

At the time of writing the MHCLG advise essential repairs and critical system maintenance should continue We also felt it necessary to review our own standard OOH procedures in an attempt to balance that with a duty to curtail movement of people and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have, therefore, streamlined our emergency definitions for the period of the current lockdown.  These will be reviewed, according to Government guidance, and we hope to revert to our standard agreed ones at the earliest opportunity.


These new definitions have been sent to all clients and a copy is available to anyone by emailing or

I know we will in a joint effort get through this and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this.


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