Adiuvo open office in India

Almost 3 years ago Adiuvo were fortunate to have an application for a part time customer service position. The applicant, Manas was in Ireland studying for his Masters and had experience if not in actual property management, then in running outbound call centres in India where he is originally from.

Over the first year Manas continued part time, working the 20 hours his visa allowed and began to learn about the UK property market and emergency maintenance associated with same whilst he taught us as much on call systems and software.  Following the end of his course we were lucky enough when he agreed to stay on full time where within another 18 months he began to supervise our overnight shift (1am-9am).

Several months ago Manas advised he would be returning to India for family reasons and although ideally he would have liked to stay he missed his home & family.  Rather than lose a trusted, valued (and trained!) member of staff we deceived on a different track and floated the idea of opening an office in Bangalore.


Three months later and with several senior staff visits to India to assist in the set-up process we now have a working branch with one former Irish based staff member also working there bringing our total to 5 Team Members in India.  In the New Year a further supervisor heads over on a long term placement as we secure a nearby apartment with plans for some of our younger staff to head out and work from there later in 2018.

A bit of a complicated way of keeping a staff member but the whole process has benefited us and will hopefully provide opportunities in the region, as well as for our staff to experience a new country & way of life, whilst getting paid. 

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