Airbnb host’s shock as £5,000 of electronics are stolen in raid

An Airbnb host returned from her holidays to find that guests had raided her flat and stolen more than £5,000 worth of electronic equipment.

Tour guide Camélia, who did not want to give her surname, returned to the two-bedroom apartment in Islington to find that thieves had taken items including her Apple TV, Macbook Pro, iPhones, an iPad and her perfume. Camélia had agreed to rent the flat – which costs £129 a night – to three people.

She told the Evening Standard: “We came in the flat and for the first couple of minutes we thought everything was fine. But we saw all our hard drives on the living room table and we thought, ‘why are they here?’” It was then Camélia and her partner realised that the cupboards they had been stored in had been raided, and over the next 24 hours they found more items had been stolen.


A spokeswoman from Airbnb said: “We are supporting the host and assisting police.”

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