Call to join pilot for apprentices

Property management  companies are being urged to sign up to the UK’s first ever apprenticeship pilot in housing and property  management, which will benefit the industry “hugely”.

A collaboration group has been formed by property management firm Rendall & Rittner, who is spearheading the pilot after championing apprenticeships through the Trailblazer scheme.

The group will deliver a new Level 3 Apprenticeship Pilot Scheme in Housing & Property Management in line with the government’s  standards. Apprentices will be instructed on general law, leasehold finance, land and built environment and customer service in the property environment.


The scheme will also include four workplace assessments every six months and finish with a project based submission and a panel interview via the assessment gateway through the CIH.

Richard Daver, managing  director at Rendall & Rittner, said: “The housing and property management industry will benefit hugely from the launch of this scheme. It’s vital that young people are offered alternative and effective ways of learning industry standard practices, while earning and gaining a qualification.”

Apprentices will use a web-based electronic portfolio and e-learning material and ongoing support will be provided via information, pastoral support and coaching.

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