Don't replace windows when you can repair them

Lots of properties now have Double Glazed Windows and Doors but a common problem is condensation and white marks between the two layers of glass of the sealed units.

This is known as the units have “blown”, Failed”, “Misted”, “Broken Down” the reason for units let’s call it “misting” is due to the Sun, let me explain in plain English, the Sun comes out and the sealed unit gets very hot inside and expands, then the Sun goes in so the units becomes cooler and contracts, it’s like a continuing pumping of the sealed unit, so the sealed unit sucking in moister, which is fine as the manufactures have allowed for this but putting silicone gel in the spacer bar (the spacer bar normally silver but not always is fitted around the edge of the sealed unit) absolves the moister, fine everyone is happy, but there comes a time where the silicone gel gets so wet it cannot absolve any moister, the moister is then trapped between the two layers of glass of the sealed unit, that is when the misting starts and does not get better, it builds up more and more as time goes on, it left for some time the moister etches into the inside of the glass and turns white, the white marks build up until you can’t see out of the unit.

Now the owner of the property has a choice with the misted sealed unit, leave it which does not look nice and then it turns white which looks unsightly, have it repaired (not all units can be repaired, units with white marks and Toughened units) or have it/ them replaced.   


The windows and/or doors do not need replacing; it is only the double glazed sealed unit that has the problem, one of the few companies that can repair these units is Mistbegone who have been repairing and/or replacing double glazed sealed units for around 9 years.

Mistbegone drill two small holes in the face of the glass near the corners, pump in a chemical liquid that helps to dry out the moister, then two small vents over the holes, which allows the unit to breathe, then when the Sun comes out the sealed unit sucks in air and not moister, so over a 12-week period the unit dries out. Mistbegone would like it pointed out that not all repair jobs work, in fact they have a success

rate of some 95% but this means 5% do not work, so Mistbegone offers the client two prices, a price to replace the unit and a price to repair the unit, if after 12 weeks of repairing the unit there is still condensation in the sealed unit they will replace the sealed unit for the replacement cost less the repair costs, as there is no way of them knowing which sealed units can be successful, Mistbegone feel this is the fairest policy.

When it comes to replacing these units there are more companies doing this work but a lot are cowboys out there, so do your homework before placing an order. Mistbegone are more than happy to let you have a quotation for repairing or replacing the double glazed sealed unit(s) all you need to do is complete the questionnaire on their website or telephone 01279 260143 with the sizes of the units and a few other details and Mistbegone are more than happy to quote you over the telephone.  

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