Earl Kendrick are delighted to announce the launch of EK Digital

We have, of course, been developing our digital capability for some time.  Initially this focused on the use of drones which has transformed our access to elevated areas of buildings.  It has reduced the need to erect scaffolding and has removed the need for ‘assumptions’ within project plans.

But drones are just the start.

Our clients are also benefitting from:


  1. Video and Interactive surveys, giving clients a running commentary of findings and potential solutions from behind a camera, allowing a virtual ‘walk through’ of a building.
  2. Digital mapping, enabling properties and their surrounds to be viewed in high levels of detail.
  3. 3D visualisations, creating a real sense of space and perspective before work on a site begins.

With this growing emphasis on digital solutions to deliver a more efficient and effective service, we have teamed-up with Kingfisher APS, the property sector’s leading drone and digital survey suppliers.

This partnership has created EK Digital, enabling us to provide the very highest quality digital services available.

In every instance, this will enable us to do what every chartered surveyor should be striving for every day:  to ensure the long-term welfare of buildings and the people who use them.  That means creating lower costs, less hassle and more value.

The effective use of a drone survey, for example, can save a huge outlay in scaffolding and manpower before a project has even begun.

A virtual survey can be provided faster, and digested more quickly and effectively than a bulging written report.

Julian Davies, our Group Managing Director, is excited about the potential created by this new partnership.  He explained: “There are occasions when the world of property can appear a little behind the times.  There are so many stakeholders involved in every project and it’s not always easy to implement change.  However, we have invested much time and energy in technology that allows us to provide a better service while saving costs.  And that’s how we want all our clients to benefit from EK Digital.”

Adam Bailey who will head-up the new division added: “I am thrilled to be teaming up with Earl Kendrick.  I have built-up Kingfisher APS and have been part of the digital revolution within the property industry.  Julian and his team were among the first to understand the difference these services can make, and the opportunity to join the team is very exciting.”

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