FPRA steps up campaign for independent regulation of managing agents

Federation of Private Residents Associations (FPRA) Chairman, Bob Smytherman has written to the Secretary of State with responsibility for the private leasehold sector calling for an independent regulator for the industry, similar to the one that regulates Council Housing and Housing Associations. This fresh call comes following a recent meeting of Retirement Sector Leaseholders in Chichester, West Sussex which was organised by the campaign group CARLEX (Campaign Against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation) and attended by over 100 leaseholders along with representatives from the industry and local MP, Andrew Tyrie.

Speaking after the meeting, Bob Smytherman said: “It’s quite clear that the industry are either unable or unwilling to regulate themselves and it is now time that the private sector should be brought in-line with that of the social housing sector and be accountable to a truly independent regulator and not one that is effectively a trade body defending their members rather than standing up for the rights of leaseholders.”

“Last year representatives from a variety of professional and leaseholder groups including the FPRA met twice with Civil Servants from the Department of Communities and Local Government to work on a scheme of independent regulation for managing agents and we are now calling on all political parties to commit to regulating the industry before the next General Election.”


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