Future Group launches electric charging solution for the block sector

With diesel and petrol cars being phased out by 2040, electric cars are becoming a common sight on our roads. This month, Essex-based Future Group is responding to the growth in plug-in vehicles by launching a new company, Future Fuel, which is partnering with Wallbox to deliver a simple charging solution to the block management sector.

Wallbox manufactures innovative, intelligent and inexpensive charging points for electric and hybrid cars. One simple wall-mounted control panel in the car park will feed up to five charging points that block managers can open up to residents and their guests. Residential blocks can even generate revenue by opening up one or more charging points to the public. Chargers are designed with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design, working in tandem with myWallbox - an energy management platform that connects residents to their charging point 24/7.  It is accessed through the myWallbox mobile phone App or via the internet.

The system is very simple to install, with no complex electrical work required. And there are no costs to be passed on to residents - Future Group is an Accredited OLEV installer, allowing Future Fuel to apply for government grants to cover the cost of installation.


Commenting on the launch, Future Group MD Jamie Willsdon says: “Wallbox is a great product and our new offer from Future Fuel is tailored to meet the exact needs of block managers and their residents. We believe it is the best charging solution on the market.”

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