Grenfell survey slammed as ‘crass and offensive’

A survey that asked residents to rate how important the Grenfell Tower tragedy was to them has been slammed as “crass and offensive”.   The questionnaire was sent by The Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservative Association asking residents in the area for their views on the fatal blaze, which claimed 71 lives.   The questionnaire, which is also available online, asks people to rate “how important to you and your family” the disaster and other “local issues” were from 0 to 10. The leaflet, which seeks to find out what kind of issues are important to residents ahead of the 2018 local elections, was sent out to households in the Courtfield ward.   David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, tweeted an image of the leaflet, which he branded “offensive and insensitive” and called for apologies to be made.   Moyra Samuels, co-coordinator of Justice4Grenfell, said: “This leaflet demonstrates the crass insensitivity of the Conservative council.” The Tory group has so far declined to comment to the media.


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