HYELM unveils ‘Welfare Package’ for residents

HYELM, a not-for-profit landlord seeking to address the shortage of affordable housing for young people working in London, has launched a new Welfare Package to help alleviate the financial pressures caused by the pandemic. Putting resident’s safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything it does, HYELM has provided residents with up to £50,000 worth of support since March 2020. 

The Welfare Package specifically caters for any residents who have experienced forms of financial hardship in recent months, with the objective of ensuring that no one is left without a home. The first layer of the scheme involves providing residents with documents advising on what to do if they face redundancy, wage and hour reductions, or if they cannot work for health reasons.

If residents require further support as part of the bespoke scheme, HYELM has onboarded an independent benefits advisor to consult with residents on a case-by-case basis. Residents utilising the scheme will then be supported through the benefits application process and, if eligible, will have a proportion of their rent paid for by Universal Credit, with additional money to be lent through a repayment program or - in some cases - granted by HYELM to provide extra financial support for purchasing essentials.


As part of its commitment to protecting the wellbeing of its residents, HYELM is also providing complimentary personal development training to those who have been furloughed, made redundant or had their hours changed, in order to ensure this period of uncertainty in their lives can be used for personal and career growth.

Simon Wright, CEO at HYELM, commented: “We are proud and honoured to be able to assist our residents in such trying and troubling circumstances. The Welfare Package reflects HYELM’s dedication to supporting young people as they begin their careers in London. Throughout this year we have explored every avenue we can to alleviate some of the pressures caused by coronavirus, and this commitment will continue for as long as it’s required.”

Throughout the pandemic and period of lockdown, HYELM has endeavoured to provide its residents with ongoing gestures to improve their quality of life and to assist them financially. This support includes wider initiatives such as exploring employment opportunities within the charity for residents who have lost their jobs, setting up rent deferment schemes, distributing complimentary household essentials such as toilet paper, hand-sanitiser and cleaning supplies, as well as provided free-of-charge launderette services. To maintain a sense of community spirit and togetherness in such unprecedented times, the charity has also hosted regular virtual hangouts, offered complimentary online yoga sessions and shared cooking and mental wellbeing tips via its weekly e-newsletter.


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