Leasehold reform candidate stands in election

Melissa Briggs, an Arun District Councillor and one of the co-founders of Carlex, the Campaign against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation, is now standing as an independent candidate in the Bognor Regis & Littlehampton constituency at the General Election, on a platform of Leasehold Reform, under the banner of CLIP – Carlex Leasehold Independence Party, ( Commenting in this issue of News on the Block, Briggs says: “I am standing … at a time when policies, manifestos and plans for the future are being supplied by all the main parties, but none of them seem to have much in the way of real ideas as to how to tackle the problems within the leasehold industry. These issues are not Leasehold reform candidate stands in election new – successive governments have been aware of them for twenty years at least. I have decided it is time to tackle these issues head on, and raise them at a national level at this critical time.”


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