My month: driven by ongoing commitment to innovation & development

Specialist Liverpool law firm J B Leitch delivers expert niche legal solutions for a range of commercial clients including residential freehold investment and block management companies, in particular some of the country’s largest institutional landlords. 

Established in 1997, the market-leading firm enjoys a strong reputation for its niche property litigation work. The team is proud to support key players in the property management sector with services including volume debt recovery, complex technical cases including forfeiture and breach of covenant cases, and with a growing portfolio of commercial property and non-contentious real estate matters.   

Nathan Caley, IT Director has been with the firm for 6 years.  Nathan’s remit includes the ongoing development of the firm’s extensive IT system portfolio, extending to personnel development within his team of 22 developers, analysts and technicians, to systems testing, implementation and board-level decision-making. 


In recent years, Nathan’s achievements include the introduction of Business Analytics, Client Reporting Suite and Automated Payment Processing. 

With the firm’s ongoing commitment to innovative IT development including large scale data and financial management, security and reporting, Nathan continues to focus on the delivery of information that is uniquely tailored to each client’s requirements and platforms that provide the firm with seamless end to end case management and real time BI. In this context, we asked Nathan to briefly describe the highlights of the last month … 

What were your goals at the start of the month?

Progressing our ISO 27001 accreditation, which will recognise our ongoing commitment to ensuring gold standard information management and security. This month we are also managing a comprehensive Windows 10 rollout for all 140 staff and continue the development of automation advances to case setup systems, which we have designed to provide even more efficient ways to process diverse instruction templates from clients.

What would you say the biggest achievement this month was?

Delivery of software from our in house development team which will allow us to track timings and effectiveness of systems. The operational benefits will include providing insight into where we can potentially identify areas of improvement or refinement around accuracy of information and productivity. In certain ways this is an enhancement to a rigorous systems landscape that adds value to the business and our clients in providing further agility and responsiveness.    

What were challenges in the month? 

One of our key differentiators as a firm, is the level of commitment we bring to building intelligence for our clients that is both meaningful, accessible and immediate. Bespoke client reports, which provide updated information on changes in management and ownership of units across multiple clients present a positive challenge, as these reports illustrate how the cases are progressing, and provide to the client all the information they require, in a format they need to update their own systems, so we effectively tailor solutions to each client’s specific statistical requirements and system configuration. This information is then also used to update our own case management system.

The news story that caught my eye this month was

On a personal level, Hurricane Dorian and the devastation of the Bahamas has been shocking and saddening. On a professional level, it’s been interesting to follow news around what Apple are unveiling in September in terms of IoS13 capabilities and new device innovations. 

The key meeting I had this month was

Meeting with Dell about options for desktop infrastructure upgrades. These discussions focused on how we can utilize new technology and software to manage the upgrade to Windows 10, recycling of old desktops and future improvements to our hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

My plan for the next month

Plan for a long weekend of infrastructure upgrades with IT staff. Pizza and coffee to keep us all going will be required! 


Nathan Caley, Director of IT at JB Leitch


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