National leasehold survey findings to be revealed in News on the Block

The national leasehold survey conducted by Brady Solicitors in conjunction with LEASE ran from 13 January until 29 April, receiving hundreds of responses from leaseholders and RMC directors across England and Wales. Clare Brady, managing director of Brady Solicitors, said of the initial findings: “With close to 1,300 responses to this ground-breaking survey, it is clear many ‘broken’ leaseholder /managing agent relationships could be mended with better communications and a clearer understanding of the nature of leasehold.

“If we could extract the essence, ‘the DNA’ of what makes a successful managing agent, the survey findings suggest there are three qualities that would feature strongly: regular and open two-way communications, a genuinely transparent approach to service charge expenditure, and a commitment to educating both leaseholders and RMC director clients.”

A full report on the findings will be available to download from the News on the Block website shortly.


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