No seat for Briggs in election

Melissa Briggs has been unsuccessful in winning a Parliamentary seat in the General Election.  Nick Gibb from the Conservative party won the popular vote.  Briggs was standing as an Independent candidate for the CLIP party (Carlex Leasehold Independence Party) in the Bognor and Littlehampton constituency.  Commenting on the result of her election campaign, Briggs said: "candidates from the main parties have approached with a view to talking to us the next phase begins with plans to engage with the incoming government".

With no party winning enough seats at Westminster to have a majority, the General Election has led to the first hung Parliament since 1974.  It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the property market in general, David Bexon, Managing Director of was pessimistic: "...with housing largely treated as a sideshow in all three major manifestos, many housebuilders are concerned that housing policy will prove to be a sacrificial lamb in a round of short-term political dealmaking."

To read why Melissa Briggs stood as an independent candidate for Parliament, click here.


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