Plans to introduce electronic logbooks for homeowners

Homeowners should keep electronic logbooks showing detailed maintenance history and improvements before they can sell their property, new proposals recommend.  
If the plans are introduced, they would provide potential buyers and insurance with a full service history of a home, similar to that of a car’s service book. 
It would mean anyone looking to buy a home would be able to see at a glance whether maintenance is overdue and if the property has been well looked after. 
The proposals, outlined by the Conveyancing Assocation, have been welcomed by the managing director of one property maintenance company that already provides the service.
Bill Shipton, of Bold & Reeves, said:  

“People continue to service their cars regularly, whilst neglecting the more significant investment of their homes.     “The electronic log book is a crucial tool in making it easy for homeownersto stay on top of all the fixes, large and small. It gives them and potential buyers peace of mind that the property is being properly run.” 

The interactive portal helps homeowners manage maintenance and home improvements. Issues are reported, documents such as surveys, gas safety certificates and leases are uploaded and invoices catalogued.


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