Property businesses admit they’re not harnessing tech

The majority of the UK’s property and facilities management companies admit that they are failing to harness technology successfully.
Only 5% of 960 real estate and facilities management professionals questioned in a special research project believed they were tech pacesetters.
The results of the research released by Qube Global Software reveal a significant proportion of the sector will be left playing catch-up with related technological applications. Just 20% of those who responded to the research believed they were proficient in their use of technology.
While largely aware of the role technology can play in improving the way their businesses are run, the survey highlighted that only a small proportion believe they are currently harnessing it successfully. 
John Cuppello, chief executive of Qube Global Software, said: “This research shows that the property industry believes itself to be slow to adapt to new technology.
“While it’s certainly true that a proportion is resisting transformative change, partly due to budgetary constraints and partly because of a lack of understanding about its potential, I believe more property professionals may be using advanced technology regularly in the workplace than they realise.” 


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