Renters hit by Covid-19 to be protected from eviction

Renters of both private and social homes who are affected by Covid-19 will be protected from eviction for three months.

As News on the Block went to press, Boris Johnson announced that legislation was being brought forward to prevent renters losing their home if they face difficulties “through no fault of their own”.

The announcement came after criticism from some that only homeowners were being protected by government during the crisis. 


House buyers who find themselves in difficulties are being given a three-month mortgage holiday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told a press conference that borrowers would not have to pay towards mortgage costs for three months “while they get back on their feet”.

Answering criticism over the protection, the Prime Minister said: ““We will be bringing forward legislation which will prevent renters suffering no fault eviction that kind of thing, protect people who face difficulties through no fault of their own.

“Nor can you penalise people for acting when they follow government advice. Everybody is entitled to protection, that’s what we will provide.”

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick set out the government’s planned legislation, which includes ensuring landlords cannot start eviction proceedings against tenants who struggle to pay rent for three months. 

To support the move, the three-month mortgage holiday would be extended to buy-to-let mortgage borrowers.

SpareRoom director Matt Hutchinson said: “We know that the situation is complex. Many landlords are reliant on their income to survive, so simply enforcing a rent holiday could just shift the problem rather than resolve it. 

“But where landlords have buy-to-let mortgages, banks should be able to offer them the same deal as homeowners, to pass on to their tenants.”

• Lockdowns to help thwart the spread of coronavirus has led to solidarity on the balconies of Europe’s apartments.

The trend began in Italy where social media video footage showed residents joining together to sing or play instruments.

Opera singer Maurizio Marchini went viral when footage appeared showing him performing Nessun Dorma from his balcony in Florence.

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