Report warns landlords over new energy regulation rules

Almost one-fifth of landlords could end up breaking the law because they are unaware of energy rules that are being introduced next year. 
A report from letting agent, warned that 17% of landlords in the UK did not know that it would become illegal to let properties with an EPC rating of F or G in 2018.
New legislation will eliminate many properties from the market and could result in many landlords being left with investments that are no longer viable for rental.
The findings were made during’s Landlord Knowledge Survey report, which questioned private landlords on issues in the UK lettings market.
It also found that 90% of landlords are unsure of tenancy agreement rules, while 70% are still in the darkabout Right to Rent regulations.
Adam Male, co-founder of, said: “One reason to explain the lack of industry knowledge coube due to the recent influx in new regulations, which have flooded the rental market.  

“With landlords facing more changes than ever over the past couple of years, it is no surprise that many find it tricky to keep up – unfortunately that’s no defence should it all go
disastrously wrong. 



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