Shaking up the industry

A brand new property management company has been set up in a bid to shake up the industry and provide residents with a better service.

Dan Robinson, Carla Bussey, Warren Wright and Freddy Hoare established LevelUP Property Management after noticing more and more leaseholders were constantly being let down and treated unfairly by block management companies.

According to figures, 68% of leaseholders across the UK do not believe their managing agent could resolve issues efficiently and effectively. Conversely, only 6% strongly agreed that they felt confident in the managing agent’s ability to do so.


In light of this, Dan, Carla and Freddy are hosting a launch event this Thursday evening (31st January) to raise awareness of the issues in the industry and how LevelUP is looking to challenge them.

Leading experts including Claire Lloyd, the Past-Vice President of ARLA Property Mark, and Michael Hammond, founder of Property TV, will also be in attendance.

Guests will receive bottomless pizza and complimentary drinks.

LevelUP Property Management has recently been quoted on Sky Property TV as one of the 19 companies to watch in 2019, and believes in the power of communication, relationships and providing a consistent point of contact for all its residents - whether that’s through an online portal, social media or their 24/7 online chat.

Co-founder Dan Robinson, said: “Change in the industry has been long overdue. It’s been ungoverned and unregulated for too long and this has led to a rise in unhappy leaseholders, Health and Safety issues and lack of confidence.

“Our competitors are so traditional and stuck in a fixed mind-set, lacking innovation and in denial that change is required.

“Successful businesses need to continue to change, be flexible and adapt – something that this industry has not done for some time.

“If you scroll through a search of Property Management Companies, you will be bombarded with companies promising transparency, excellent customer service, high communication skills etc.

“But how many of these promises are actually achieved?

“This is what LevelUP want to change.

“But these changes can’t be attained overnight, change can’t only come from legislation and regulations of the industry, it needs to be from the property managers themselves.”

Dan added: “Level UP is proud to be different.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service – this is one of the core values the business is built on.

“Our never-ending investment in people and technology are two of the full-time commitments we have made to ensure that everyone receives the level of service they require.

“As proof, we pledge to publish results of customer surveys with ongoing feedback, offer total transparency of all transactions and live interaction with professional property managers via the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.”

Co-founder Freddy Hoare, said: “Before I began LevelUP, I was a property manager in which I saw first-hand a number of the industry’s problems.

“The culture and quality of service left much to be desired, and I knew that there was an opportunity to be better.

“So many industries have been revolutionised by new technologies and fresh mindsets, just take a look at Uber, AirBNB and Monzo to name a few.

“Whilst we aren’t quite so groundbreakingly innovative as these companies, we absolutely have a similar mindset towards changing what we believe is an outdated and underperforming industry – where customers suffer the most at the expense of traditional businesses that are slow to modernise and change.

“Through our mind-set, values and vision – LevelUP is able to offer a more personalised,

transparent and customer friendly service through modern management methods – and a shared belief that residents deserve better.”

Anyone wishing to attend or participate in the event this Thursday, please contact Dan by clicking here. 


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