The Benefits of Befriending your Agent

Feeling lost or suffering from paralysis on your career path? You haven’t even considered leaving your 9 to 5 in, well….in forever, and as you’re deliberating on next steps a well-meaning colleague or friend asks with concern ‘Well, what do you want?’ Ummmm, if only it were that easy right? Where to start looking, which is the best path to choose, and what are the next steps towards that dream job. All questions that turn your brain into a foggy mess of overwhelm.

Specialist industry recruitment agents are best placed to gather the knowledge needed to assist you in your search. We speak to a vast array of industry insiders. We gather both insight and information about not only the different companies operating in the sector, but their ethos, values and vision too. We know the teams and the different personalities. But most importantly we get honest feedback from current and previous employees. We have the ear of the industry and we want to share this knowledge with you. It’s our job to make you feel informed before making that crucial next step.

As well as imparting information, the role of the professional recruitment agent is also to promote your skill set, your personal brand values. On average, we speak to around ten senior hiring managers a day. Now, in the course of those conversations we are perfectly placed to make an introduction on your behalf. Why? Because in weekly, sometimes daily, catch-ups with contacts, bonds are formed and life’s details are shared. Tenuous friendships evolve that deepen over time. We become a trusted sounding board for the company, we listen to what that specific company is looking for, what personality will mesh perfectly with the team, and where the gap is that they’re looking to fill. And that’s where you come in.


Our Top 3 Tips for choosing the right Agent

  1. Research brings results. Spending time hiring the right agency at the beginning, can save costly mistakes at the end. When choosing an agent make sure they are specialists in your sector. There is no point in going to an agent that doesn’t spend the time, money and energy getting to know the industry they recruit in. Industry knowledge is key.

  2. Trust is a huge factor in choosing your agent, are they going to give you the advice that is right for you and your career.

  3. Find the time to speak to your agent. We can’t stress enough how much we enjoy meeting our prospective new talent! We gain a better understanding of what makes you tick, and what it is, exactly, that draws you to your dream job. We can help you map out a long term career path. Our experience brings with it skills that can hone and perfect your CV. We can tease out the detail, transforming the merely to mundane, to that with merit. That information gives us all we need to make the RIGHT introduction on your behalf.

Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Director at BlockRecruit 

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