Why Developers Should Factor in a Resident's Gym

We're living in a time when the fitness industry is booming. According to the International Health and Sports club association, the health industry has boomed by at least 3-4% each year, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. All the while, younger generations like millennials and Gen Z are demanding more opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing. We're even seeing a growing number of gyms within the workplace to boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

So, what does all of this have to do with your residential development? The simple answer is that if you want to attract people to your homes for the long-term, then you need to be willing to give them the lifestyle that they need. More often than not, this means building a residential gym.

The Benefits of Residents' Gyms in Developments


In the UK right now, fitness has been deemed the fastest-growing sector in the country, with a growth rate of up to 8% per year. Rising levels of awareness around common health issues and wellbeing problems have forced us to take better care of our own fitness strategies. Now, more than ever, people want access to the right equipment for better health.

For developers, what could be an easier way to attract new residents to your buildings, than to promise them home comfort and fitness in the same place? By building residential fitness settings including state-of-the-art equipment, and workout areas, you let your future residents know that they're going to have an excellent quality of life when they move in with you.

Look at this way. In the rental world, the average length of a UK tenancy is around 20 months. For companies that want to keep their residents with them for the long-term, the challenge is making sure that your people want to put down roots. In the past, the reasons for staying put were often focused on location and pricing. While these things still matter, the demand for fitness is going up too.

Appealing to All Generations

Today's most valuable home buyers and the people that are keen to join life as part of a community belong to a range of generations, all of which are beginning to learn more about improving their health. Some of the most frequent users of gym facilities actually include retirees aged between 50 and 70, who are hoping to maintain their independence as they get older. This means that you're not just appealing to the younger demographic when you install gym features, you're appealing to older people too.

By building your development around a gym facility, you're responding to a growing demand in the property market for convenience, comfort and better health at home. What's more, with Hire Fitness, you can get everything you need for a residential gym in one reliable place including a free survey and gym/room design, free health and safety advice and comprehensive after sales and safety inspections.  What’s more, Hire Fitness give you the option to hire, lease or purchase the equipment. That leaves you to focus on creating the community that attracts the residents you want most.

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Nicky TerrettMarketing Manager at Hire Fitness Limited


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