Why Use a Recruitment Company?

If your company has potential employees queuing around the block to work for you, then great! However, perhaps your industry is more niche, you’re after something specific or you could be spending your time more productively, instead of shortlisting and sorting through applications?

Working within the block management industry, candidates can often be in short supply. We have spoken previously about how it can be hard to meet the demand for placing candidates that meet clients’ specific needs. TemplePM is lucky to navigate in a sector where the clients know how difficult it can be to find a candidate with very specific experience and qualifications in this field. Which means they usually seek our help!

But, why should you use a recruitment agency?


Recruitment companies save you the time of sifting through CV’s, making sure candidates meet your criteria needs and only ensuring that those that fit perfectly are put forward for interviews. From an administration point of view, recruitment companies will do the relevant checks on candidates, from checking driving licenses and qualifications to all relevant background checks for your company. This is great to note, especially in a day where social media can now be used for job searches; how do you know a person is who they say they are? Or if their background and experience is as they advertise through their profile? The recruiter is also the person that is the communicator between client and candidate meaning the recruiter is the one to notify candidates if they are successful or not and provide feedback. This allows you to outsource administration, freeing up staff within your business.

Recruitment companies will also have the insider knowledge in your job area, meaning they can always advise you and your company and also negotiate any job offers and salaries for you.

We’re also aware that some companies may have had a bad experience using an agency in the past and some recruitment agencies can give the industry a bad name, which may put a client off using a recruiter.  It’s important to do some research before working with a recruiter and making sure they have the experience within your field. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find out which company to use, or maybe you can find out who your competitors have used.

Remember it’s in the recruitment companies’ interest to find a perfect candidate and one that will stay in the job. This can save time and money in hiring and training an employee that may leave soon after starting because they are not right for the company or doesn’t have the relevant experience you had initially hoped for. TemplePM like to use the five headed giraffe analogy: If a company asks a recruiter to find them a five headed giraffe, then it is up to that recruiter to find the employer a five headed giraffe, or possibly a four headed giraffe with the best experience and potential for a fifth head!! A recruiter will know if they can fulfil your needs. This results in you being more likely to use them again, or to recommend them to other companies, creating potential business opportunities for them.

Steve Grimsley is Managing Director at TemplePM

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