Q&A - RTM Board Members


Is there a guideline suggesting the number of board members on our RTM general committee? At the moment we have 10.  We live in a Private Independent Living Retirement Apartment Complex, with 61 flats.



The Board of a Right to Manage will be set out in the Articles of Association and will vary from Block to Block my own view is that 6 is an ideal number for a role such as this which would usually be voluntary, there certainly needs to be minimum number for a quorum and this would usually be any two from the Board if you have a larger Board then you would expect to have a larger minimum number for a quorum the problem with this is when volunteers are unable to attend Board meetings if a quorum can’t be reached then there is potential for the RTM Co to be unable to function which could impact on the estate management.

I would strongly recommend joining the Federation of Private Residents Association Ltd that is the national ‘umbrella’ organisation for simple groups and has 45 years experience providing independent, impartial legal advice to our members and can provide a bespoke response having considered all the unique circumstances of each development having read the lease and other documentation specific to their development. 


Bob Smytherman, Hon. Chairman For the FPRA (Federation of Private Residents' Associations) 


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