Q&A - Section 20 Notices


I have heard lots of talk about Section 20 Notices - please explain what they are and how they would affect me as a lessee?

ANSWER In 2002, new requirements were introduced to protect the lessee should the landlord want to carry out works above a certain value or to enter into long-term contracts for the provision of services. Currently, lessees must be advised if the costs incurred will exceed the amount of £250 per unit. Should works need to be carried out to the building that will exceed this amount then the consultation procedure will be invoked. This involves three letters being sent to all of the lessees, the first being the notice of intention of the works, the second who will be quoting for the works and the third explaining how the successful contractor was chosen and requesting the funds for the works. After the first letter is sent out there is a 30-day period for the lessees to make their observations and they are also able to nominate their own contractor to quote for the works. After the second letter has been sent out there is a further 30-day period for lessees to make their observations before the monies are requested.


Thanks to Sarah Fisher, of Smith Melzack Pepper Angliss , for answering our readers’ questions

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