Q&A - Service Charge demands


Is there any way we can find out (as reported in News on the Block, issue 38) what exactly the new service charge demand must say (all of it)?

Name withheldANSWER The information to be set out on a service charge demand is contained in section 3 of The Service Charges (Summary of Rights and Obligations, and Transitional Provision) (England) Regulations 2007. This is SI 2007 No 1257. There is no prescribed form but the demand must have the heading referred to in 3(a). The wording of 3(b) should be reproduced accurately and in full. There is a separate statutory instrument dealing with the required wording for demands in relation to administration charges. This is SI 2007 No 1258 – the same principles apply.Kerry Glanville, Pemberton Greenish If your question appears on this page, we will send you a free copy of Being a Leaseholder – The essential guide to owning a flat. This book will answer many of your questions. To buy a copy call the NOTB team on 08700 600 663.


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