Adiuvo announce partnership with Ask Porter

Adiuvo are delighted to officially announce their partnership with Ask Porter an AI platform for the property sector.

In a recent interview, Managing Director, Colin Stokes confirmed that although initially Adiuvo were involved in the capacity of advisors, Adiuvo invested in the product themselves shortly after seeing the scope of the AI.

Colin commented: “We were being approached by companies on a weekly basis with new “revolutionary” software and apps but this was the first one that stood out to us.  On the first demo I was reporting issues with a chatbot & I had no idea it was an AI as opposed to a “real person” and it gets smarter with every interaction, that’s what I was excited over and why we decided to invest in AskPorter."


Adiuvo, have since integrated with AskPorter and are looking forward to offering further channels for customers to report via.

Colin continued “Although in most emergency cases people will still prefer to report in person over the phone, more mundane problems such as lifts out of service for example could easily be done via more user friendly methods that our IVR system will advise customers of.”

Ask Porter provides solutions for all facets of the industry including a new Lead Qualification service for Sales and Letting offices

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