Jackson Sims Recruitment - Covid 19 statement

Has our industry adapted to a new normal?   Our world has been disrupted. COVID-19 has meant that businesses have had to quickly adapt to Skype interviews and limit face to face interaction which, was once seen as the most important element of recruitment. At JSR, we have been working with firms who are now hiring online as well as sending laptops, phones and company literature all to candidates’ homes and once successful, allowing them to start work from home while, most importantly, remaining safe. In an ideal world, leaders want to shake the hand of their new colleague and meet face to face, but we are not currently living in that world. Businesses have shown that they can adapt to a new normal and fast. COVID-19 has driven businesses to reevaluate not only their hiring methods, but also their working from home procedures and other contingency plans. In the last fortnight, we have helped an 80+ year old Chartered Surveying company rework its entire office structure and can help you to do the same. If you would like any advice on how we have coached companies into online hiring, please do get in touch.   In such times, we must support each other to ensure we continue to build a bright future ahead.    Get in touch stuart@jacksonsimsrecruitment.com 0203 287 9484



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