Residents’ fears as block is kept under 24-hour fire watch

People living in a block of flats say they believe their lives are in imminent danger as a fire crew is keeping a 24-hour watch on the cladded building since the Grenfell disaster.
Residents of Nova House in Slough, Berkshire, say they fell uneasy  as the block is guarded round-the-clock by at least one fire engine and three firefighters – which is costing at least £1,500 a day. 
The decision to base a fire crew on standby came after it was discovered the block was using the same cladding as that on Grenfell Tower. 
One woman who lives in the block said: “We are glad the fire engine is constantly outside, but it does make you uneasy about what could happen. We’ve all seen those dreadful photos of Grenfell Tower being engulfed in flames.
“Knowing that we are in a block with similar cladding, it is impossible not to put yourself in those poor  people’s shoes.”


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